Appwrite Heroes

If you love building, writing, speaking, and helping other developers build with Appwrite, help us support you by joining the Appwrite Heroes program and becoming a leader in our developer community.

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About Appwrite Heroes

The Appwrite Heroes program is an exclusive group of developers who are experts in Appwrite and dedicated to creating valuable content to assist other developers in achieving success. Appwrite Heroes excel in creating video tutorials, written guides, blog posts, or providing support in our fast-growing Discord community.

Meet our Heroes
    Diana Pham
    Developer Advocate

    Diana discovered Appwrite and its wonderful team while completing her master's in computer science. Now, as a developer advocate at Vonage, she is excited to build projects using both backend servicing and telecommunications APIs.

    Stephen Simon
    Community Director

    Stephen Simon leads one of the world's largest developer communities and has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategies to foster a sense of belonging and connection among community members. He also currently works on React and Azure.

    Lucas Audart
    Web Consultant

    Lucas is a web consultant at Zenika who specializes in front-end technologies and has spoken about Appwrite and other technologies at various development conferences in France.

    Tanmoy Karmakar
    Software Engineer

    Tanmoy Karmakar is a co-organizer at Flutter Kolkata and SDE-II [Flutter] at SaaS Labs. He loves to create content related to Flutter and organize events and meet-ups. Learning new ways to complement Flutter development always amuses him.

    Bishwajeet Parhi
    Flutter Developer

    Bishwajeet Parhi is a Flutter developer and active open-source contributor. He's currently a junior pursuing a Computer Science and Engineering degree and also an organizer of the Hack This Fall hackathon.

    Mickaël Alves
    Front-end Consultant

    Mickaël is a front-end developer working as a web consultant in Lyon at Zenika. He co-organizes meetups with LyonJS and speaks at conferences about Appwrite, Flutter, and Remotion.

    Software Engineer

    Emilia is a current student who actively focuses on system administration and coding. She likes working with Docker, Linux, Svelte, and Go, is currently exploring Envoy proxy, Crowdsec, Kubernetes, and Rust, and happens to be one of the most active contributors in Appwrite's Discord community.

How Appwrite Heroes can benefit you

  • Channel access

    Access to internal channel with Appwrite’s Engineering and DevRel teams.

  • In-person gatherings

    Top contributors get invited to an in-person gathering with the Appwrite team.

  • Digital badge

    Exclusive digital badge to share on Discord and LinkedIn.

  • Travel

    Travel paid for top contributors (case-by-case) to attend dev conferences.

  • Beta-test

    Opportunity to beta-test Appwrite releases.

  • Roadmap access

    Special access to a more in-depth roadmap.